Westmark Line Marking Ltd are specialists in all types of line marking and stencilling.

Our Services

Westmark Line Marking Ltd specialises in all forms of line painting and marking including stencilling, anti-slip coloured walkways and traffic calming devices.

Westmark uses modern equipment and quality hard wearing products so you get a great looking job that lasts a long time.


Westmark Line Marking Ltd are specialists in all types of line marking and stencilling from the smallest carparks to the largest shopping malls.

We can assist you with your carpark needs whether it’s a name change, accessible park or a full carpark with speed signs, directional arrows, hazard zones, no stopping areas and pedestrian crossings. We can also remove old markings by either diamond grinding or blacking out with paint.


With modern Health and Safety requirements changing constantly we need to keep our staff and visitors in a safe working environment. The lastest overseas information shows that providing clear directions and guidelines for people entering your work place is beneficial to everyone. A recommended way of achieving this is by providing designated coloured walkways and safety (or danger) zones in busy workplace areas. Green or Blue with yellow borders is common for safe walkway areas, with Red for when you enter an areas where hazards might occur; such as forklifts, trucks. Anti-slip additives are recommended in areas: prone to slipping.

Westmark Line Marking Ltd can also use different colours to designated different work areas such as truck loading bays, pallet bays and container pads.

We can also remove old markings by either diamond grinding or blacking out with paint.

traffic calming devices

Westmark Line Marking Limited is committed to making the workplace safer for people and property.

We can supply and install a range of safety products from wheel stops to protect walkways and buildings being met with a vehicle, speed humps to slow down traffic and bollards to protect people and property.

Our yellow and black wheel stops are reflective at night, made from tough recycled rubber (good for the environment), sturdy as strongly anchored and come in two lengths.

Our judder bars or speed humps can be either yellow & black or just black and are strongly anchored in place.

Our flexible orange bollards are highly visible and durable. Made from PU with reflective bands for night visibility. Ideal for lane delineation or identifying hazards particularly in tight driving situations such as carparks.

Our heavy duty plastic impact bollards ensure minimal damage to vehicles and ground surfaces when impacted while also preventing damage to it’s surroundings including racking shelves and stock. These are surface mounted for simple bolt down installation and can be easily detached from the base and replaced if required. Available in yellow or black.


Our school game specialist, Brian, can meet you on site to assist you in placement and size of each game. Westmark Line Marking Limited has built a reputation for being able to customise games, exercise and scooter tracks to fit your individual needs. As this work is mainly done over the Christmas period, demand has been high, so it is best to get in quick.


We can assist you with your small roading jobs – Give Ways, Limit Lines, Speed Signs, No Stopping Edges, Centre Lines, RRPM (Raised Reflective Pavement Markers or Catseyes), Chevrons


We can also remove old markings or unwanted markings by either diamond grinding or blacking out with paint.