We are specialists in all types of line marking and stencilling – from the largest shopping mall to the smallest carpark and from factories to sports courts.
We use modern equipment and quality hard wearing paints so you get a great looking job done, that lasts a long time.
We’ve been line marking since the mid 1980’s so let our vast experience and high standards help you.
Our vehicles are fully equipped with everything necessary to bring you solutions to those carpark issues – keep out those pesky parkers, welcome in your visitors, cram in that extra park. Give us a call or email and we’ll sort it for you with a smile.


With modern Health & Safety procedures changing constantly we need to keep our staff and visitors in a safe working environment.
The latest overseas information shows that providing clear directions and guidelines to people entering your work place is beneficial to everyone. A recommended way of achieving this is by providing designated coloured walkways and safety (or danger) zones in busy workplace areas. Green or blue with yellow banding is common; with red for when you enter an area where forklifts are working. Non-slip additives are recommended in areas prone to slipping. Photo-luminescent(glow in the dark) edge lines can be provided also.


It can get a little ugly when someone hits the building when driving into that carpark. And we’ve all read those stories when the foot slips off the brake onto the accelerator and whoops the car is in the shop window. Well ‘wheelstops’ can prevent all that.
They are yellow and black – reflective at night (highly visible), recycled rubber (good for the environment) and sturdy as (strongly anchored). If you get annoyed by vehicles speeding through your carpark or internal roadways, we take delight in slowing them down. We can supply and install rubber judder bars or’speedhumps’ and other traffic calming products. They get the message and you get a safe workplace!


We apply high quality hardwearing epoxy coatings in a variety of colours in industrial and commercial buildings. We use only high quality paints on well prepared floors. If staff are working nearby we want them to stay at work so we use very low odour coatings which are user friendly as well as highly durable. Slip resistance can be enhanced by addition of anti-slip grit.
We can also use different colours to designate different work areas like walkways or truck loading areas; and with our line marking skills we can provide crisp neat edges as well as lettering and lines.