In this project we combined coloured walkways with directional arrows and designated Parking Lanes or ‘Drive Thru’ lanes.
The walkways were colour coded with safety in mind; green is the safe area to walk while red warns the pedestrians of the danger of forklift crossing zones. Clear lane lines and highly visible letters help to give certainty to where the loading bays and drive thru areas are.



Large areas and very heavy machinery means we need to have accurate measurements, excellent equipment and hard wearing paints. Lyttelton is the Port of Christchurch and Westmark Line Marking has been their line marking contractors for at least the last 10 years. Flexibility in working hours, prompt response times and high safety standards along with having a really professional work ethic make us well liked at ‘the Port’



We have been involved with Westfield Riccarton for many years through many stages of their redevelopment. We have vast experience, accumulated since 1985, and have assisted with all types of line painting and stencilling on asphalt, concrete and waterproof coatings. Through expansion or regular maintenance we have worked at Westfield indoors and out, upstairs and down, on multi-level carparks and roadways. We have also supplied and installed rubber recycled judder bars and wheelstops.



Blue painted walkways, black and yellow pedestrian crossings, epoxy grey floors. Schneider Electric is a high class electrical fitting factory and Westmark have assisted them in providing a safe working environment for their employees by colour coding their walkways and floors. We used hard wearing low odour epoxy paints in the in their warehouse and factory and tough NZTA approved road marking paints in their carpark and truck loading areas.